Creating “Live Your Music” and “Under The Crown” Contests For Fans of Jab Harry Met Sejal

How we created contests which appealed the fans of the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal and provided them with a platform to be a part of record breaking attempt in Bollywood’s greatest Chorus of all time!

While normally the connection between a brand and movie promotion only revolves in the space of basic engagement with the audience, we along with Heineken and team of JHMS took it a step ahead by organising two fun and interactive contests for fans. One used the already popular soundtrack of the film and another one used the bottle of Heineken. These contests strengthened the relations with their Fans and they became more than keen to share about the experience on social media.

Live Your Music

In this contest, a person could record the chorus part of the hit song from the movie and stand a chance to be a part thousand member chorus led by their favourite stars.

Not only the person had the opportunity to be a part of the record attempt of most singers in a Bollywood chorus, he could meet the stars of the movie off the screen and have a time of his life.

The user had to record the chorus of the song using the web portal and post it on their Facebook profile where it would reach a large audience and invited more users to participate. The selected recordings will be a part of special video song recorded.


Read more about the contest here.

Under The Crown

In this contest, consumers had to collect the words from the movie’s title “JAB HARRY MET SEJAL”, one printed under the crown of Heineken’s Bottle. Participants had a chance to win many prizes like Heineken branded merchandise, movie premiere tickets, a trip to Amsterdam, and a chance to meet with the stars of the movie.

Consumer had to give a missed call to a 10-Digits number found on the Heineken bottle or register online on the contest page and he will get a message with instructions back on his mobile. Then consumers had to the send the word they found under the crown to that number to get themselves registered for the contest.


Read more about the contest here.