5 Interactive Technology Ideas Guaranteed To Take Your Events To The Next Level

Engagement is important for any event, whether it be a corporate meeting or a casual party. In today’s world increasingly short attention spans, capturing your attendee’s focus is vital if you want to host a successful event.

Interactive technology can be used to create immersive, thought-provoking, and exciting attractions that’ll not only capture the attention of the attendees but will stay in their minds.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how interactive technology such as augmented reality booths can be used to take your events to the next level!

Video Walls

An interactive display and wall can be more effective than you might think when it comes to events. One of the major reasons why video walls are so attractive to attendees is that most of us are usually driven by visuals more than everything else.

You can use an interactive display and wall for many purposes in an event such as displaying social content at an exhibition or providing useful, relevant information for the attendees.

Modern interactive displays and walls can be used in different smart contexts. They can be customised entirely and allow the attendees to have meaningful interactions at the event, which increases the engagement for the overall event.

Mirror Signage

Magic Mirror

Mirror signage is an interactive display and wall device that is a hybrid of a mirror and the display. It can be used to show the reflection of the attendee and provide digital information. Mirror signages can be programmed for any context and events of any size.

Even though it can be used in any type of event, one of the primary use-cases of devices like these is fashion exhibitions where computer projected images could be used to guide the attendees’ buying decisions.

Lastly, mirror signages are just cool to watch and interact with. They’re guaranteed to pique your attendees’ curiosity and attention which makes the event much more engaging for the client.

Next Generation Photo Booths

Photo Booth & Gif Booth

Photobooths at events have become a norm as photobooths have proven to be engaging for all types of audiences. The concept behind installing a photo booth at an event is simple – people love getting their pictures clicked and providing them with a branded experience is good for both the brand and the attendee.

However, next-generation photo booths have turned the traditional photo booth into something else completely. Most photo booths at events come with additional features that are all meant to encourage engagement and create meaningful interactions between the brand and the attendees of the event.

The modern generation of photo booths takes any event to the next level. Concepts such as augmented reality booths can also be used to give that extra oomph and make the booth that is much more engaging for the attendees.

 Virtual Reality Headsets

Brand Activation with Virtual Reality

Lastly, virtual reality headsets are also being increasingly used at events all over the world. These headsets can be used for a lot of purposes and you get to engage the attendee completely by literally altering the reality they’re perceiving!

Virtual reality headsets can be used for many reasons, and the experience can be customised entirely, which allows you to transmit your marketing messages in a fun, relatable, and immersive manner.

While both augmented reality and virtual reality can be used, it is essential to understand the difference between the two. While augmented reality is used to enhance the reality of the event, virtual reality can be used to transport the attendee to a world where you create everything. Both the tools are incredibly useful, but how you use it plays a major role when it comes to the ROI.

Charging Tables and Stations

Regardless of what kind of event you’re hosting, you can be assured that almost every attendee will have a cellphone or other devices that require charging. The last thing you want for your event is for your attendees to run out of battery on their devices.

By providing charging tables and stations, you’re not only allowing your attendees to have access to a convenient charging option, but you’re also doubling down on your marketing messages with branding and advertising.

While there are a lot of types when it comes to charging tables and stations, the most effective one for your event will be something that is designed in line with the theme and concept of the event.

With interactive technology, you can make the charging tables and stations into more than just an added facility by allowing your attendees to engage better with the brand.

Interactive Technology Transforms The Experience of Your Event

Interactive Technology allows you to radically transform the experience of your event and create more engagement for every single attendee. If you’re not already looking into using interactive technology at your next event, you’re definitely behind the curve.