All About GITEX Global 2022

The world’s largest Technology Exhibition for the last 41 years is all set to arrive in October 2022. GITEX Global, the annual tech event features global technology players and covers the latest trends & innovations from diverse sectors. Let us explore & understand all about GITEX!

What is GITEX?

GITEX, an abbreviation for the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, is the world’s most prominent exhibition event in the arena of technology. It is an annual event that takes place in the Dubai World Trade Center of Dubai, UAE. The event is a massive celebration of technology where experts and geeks from around the world come together to celebrate the latest advancements & innovations throughout the exhibition. GITEX brings together the global industry leaders, innovators, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and other audiences from the niche to participate in extensive knowledge sharing & exhibition of the tech-products. The event is not related to any specific field as tech enthusiasts from any background can showcase their innovations by setting up their booths.

The annual show was first launched with the name GITE in the year 1981. While the event was already witnessing a growing prevalence, the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 in 2009 amplified the participation to a great level. Over 150,019 participants took part in the launch event. Since then, GITEX became a world-class technology exhibition that brought the audience closer to tech innovations. Altogether, the event witnesses must-attend industry-related discussions, debates, knowledge sharing of new ideologies, demonstrations, and trade of the latest products.

All You Need to Know About GITEX Global 2022

The entire tech world is coming together to participate in the world’s biggest celebration of technological advancements and innovations.

Find all the necessary details and updates around the GITEX 2022 event below.

Date of the Event– 10th to 14th October 2022

Venue- Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai UAE

Event Website-

Number of Exhibitors- 4000+

Start-Up Participation– 800+

Countries Participating– More than 170

Global Expert Speakers– 1000+

GITEX Global Shows 2022– Here are the six shows organized during the event.

  • AI Everything
  • North Star Dubai
  • Global Dev Slam
  • Future Blockchain Summit
  • Fintech Surge
  • Marketing Mania

Also, these shows are still accepting speakers & exhibitors to participate in the annual tech summit event.

A Quick-Look into the Discussion Topics & Subjects to be Addressed During the Conference at GITEX Global 2022

The event is all set to witness the next-gen tech innovators & the industry-experts share knowledge and discuss the present & future of the latest trends & innovations.

Metaverse– The latest trends & the future of the Metaverse Technology

Gaming– The moving industry of gaming based on the latest tech advancements

Telecom & 5G– Exploring & understanding the scope of 5G networks and the future of 6G network capabilities

Education– The growing industry of Edu-tech and the latest tech trends in the field

Startups- The emergence of the UAE as a highly preferred startup & investment hub in the landscape of global entrepreneurship & startups.

Energy & Sustainability- The annual highlight on the critical ESG & Green Tech plans to push the decarbonization and the tech trends to ensure the digital transformation.

Digital Cities & AI- Creating the vision for tech & AI-enabled cognitive city infrastructures based on advancements like Cloud-Enabled Shared Economies, AI-Powered City Governance Applications, etc.

Future Mobility– The conference will cover the robust & fast-moving industry of mobility and its subjects like EVs, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Sustainable Transport, etc.

Healthcare- Exploring & understanding the trends in the healthcare technology forefront like integrated diagnostics, AR/VR, Virtual Collaborative Platforms, etc.

Cybersecurity– One of the most significant aspects in recent times, discussing topics like the Metaverse & NFT Threat Landscape, Cyber Attacks in the Digital World of eSports, Automation and AI-Powered Attacks, etc.

Marketing Technology- The effective innovation in the field of marketing as it comes together with the technology to rev up the organizational goals.

Data Economy– Discussing the potential data and analytics market including topics like Cloud- Native and Self-Service Analytics, Cleaner and Greener AI for Data Centers, Edge Computing and Business Intelligence Adoption, etc.

GITEX Global, the revolutionary technology exhibition is all set with the industry’s most vital discussion topics and exhibitors joining in from around the world. Therefore, if you are looking ahead to participate in the world’s biggest tech event, now is the time to plan & strategize.

Wish to Create Your Exceptional Presence in the GITEX 2022?

Participating in the world’s largest tech exhibition has undoubtedly benefited various start-ups, organizations, brands, and innovators to showcase their latest inventive tech products. One of the fundamental reasons why exhibitors, presenters, and all other industry players look ahead to GITEX is the opportunity to showcase their products to the entire industry professionals through their booths. As the event is attended by all the tech maestros & audience, there are better chances of lead generation, further leading to a maximized ROI. However, to ensure super-productive participation in the event, you can collaborate with a leading on-ground activation or in-person event service provider.

Benefits of Participating in the GITEX Global

  • Incredible Networking Opportunities
  • Maximized Global Reach
  • Extensive Knowledge Exchange & Deep Learning Session
  • Showcase to Global Investors & Buyers
  • Direct Interaction with the Target Market
  • Business Empowerment
  • Access to Global Tech Organizations & Startups
  • Greater ROI
  • Better Lead Generation Possibilities

Key Reasons to Set Up Your Exhibit Booths with a Professional Technology Support

GITEX is all about technology & innovation. So the best way to ensure a successful sync at the event is to take help from a professional tech support service. A robust technology partner will help you set up an exceptional booth that helps you stand out from the rest. From adding innovative extensions to your booth to enhancing the customer’s experience by making it highly engaging, expert support will help you gather maximum customer engagement. All in all, a professional technology support helps you elevate the success prospects and enhance the event experience by adding innovative tech & interactive extensions to your booth. Explore the possibilities you get by collaborating with an experienced event-tech professional:

  • Creating a Next-Level Buzz through Interactive Technology: Use Augmented Reality functionalities to create a buzz of your participation in the world’s largest tech event. Create 2D/3D social media filters, stickers, swipe-up games, and web-based AR tools to engage the audience and drive more registrations. It will not only encourage your target audience to participate in the event but also maximize your brand presence.
  • Adding the Power of Digital to Your Exhibit Booths: Enable excellent digital extensions at your booth to speed up the lead generation using exceptional digital elements like AR/VR experiences, QR activations, Prospect Tracking, Complete Data Capture, etc.
  • Track Event Data & Analytics: A professional technology partner will help you collect, track, and access the entire event data analytics & reports, helping you analyze the efficacy of your participation. This element will also help you get a deeper understanding of consumer behavior.
  • Frictionless Event Execution: The team of experts will provide you with complete on-ground support to ensure seamless execution, fulfilling your goal.

Webcontxt – Your Technology Partner for GITEX Global 2022

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