Best Social Media Campaigns of 2019

Social media marketing is vital in today’s marketing world for any brand. Digital campaigns are used by companies all over the world to inform, persuade, and connect with their online audiences in a direct, personal manner.

We saw some amazing digital marketing campaigns in 2019 that were truly innovative and made the best use of social media in terms of marketing.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the best social media campaigns that we came across during the last year.

Cupshe, Lush, Essie, and TheEveryGirl
for its use of User-Generated Content

User-generated content should be a part of any compelling social media marketing strategy for any brand. It is about sharing photos and posts created by the consumers of the brand and it can be used to engage and build a community around a brand.

There are many advantages to following a strategy that relies heavily on user-generated media such as:

  • The brand does not have to create as many assets for social media campaigns and take advantage of content creation by the consumer.
  • The brand creates develops a personal relationship with consumers by sharing their creations on the brand’s official feed.

Cupshe, Lush, Essie, and TheEveryGirl are some brands that have taken the user-generated content marketing game to the next level. User-generated content is curated by asking followers to either tag the name of the brand or by using a branded hashtag.

Let’s take a look at what each of them is doing:

  • Cupshe is a swimsuit brand that features a heavy element of user-generated content in their social media marketing initiatives. It asks their followers to tag the official handle of the brand on their posts to get featured.
  • TheEveryGirl is a publication that uses the hashtag “#sharetheeverygirl” to generate a massive amount of user-generated lifestyle content for their brand.
  • Lush Cosmetics is another brand that uses UGC a lot by asking its consumers to share their stories with the brand using the hashtag “#LushLife”.
  • Lastly, Essie also uses the same UGV-heavy strategy asking its consumers to tag their official handle to get featured on their official page.

What we can learn from these social media campaigns is that if the product is visually appealing, pursuing a strategy that relies heavily on user-generated content can provide significant returns.

for using humour effectively

Did you know, according to the Sprout Social Index, 67% of consumers are most willing when it comes to social media content that is entertaining and funny. 55% of the consumers are also likely to share content if it is engaging and entertaining.

MoonPie is an American confection company, mainly associated with the cuisine of the American South and they understand the power of humour perfectly and know how to apply it in their social media marketing strategy.

One of the primary areas where MoonPie’s marketing strategy shines is the Twitter feed of the brand. Regardless of the occasion, MoonPie has consistently engaged their consumers using content that is funny and relevant.

What we can learn from MoonPie’s Twitter is that humour, when used in the right context, can really add fuel to gasoline when it comes to taking your digital marketing campaigns to the next level!

Casper for Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing refers to the practice of using more than one channels to reach an audience. This is a good strategy when it comes to social media as you’re likely to encounter some differences when it comes to the audiences of the most popular social media platforms.

Casper, a U.S based e-commerce company that sells sleep products online and in retail locations have made interesting use of cross-channel marketing when it comes to their digital marketing campaigns in 2019.

Instead of just pursuing all the major platforms that you would normally expect to be a part of the digital campaigns of 2019, Casper used platforms like Spotify and YouTube to promote their brand by creating a Caser Sleep Channel which is all about music that helps you fall asleep better.

Caser demonstrated that there’s a lot of potentials when it comes to finding new innovative ways of promoting your brand on social media platforms that are off the well-trodden path that most big brands usually walk upon.


In today’s world, digital marketing is one of the most important marketing channels for every brand as the world is becoming increasingly online. A strong online identity can make or break a brand and considering the quality of digital campaigns we are seeing, most brands concur.