Exploring the City of Dubai through Another Lens – Dubai 360 Degree Experience Zone

Engaging audience by creating a rich 360-degree video tour of the Dubai City with several videos for Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai

Capabilities Deployed: 360 Degree Videos, Application development, Hardware Interaction, and Analytics

Successful businesses are the result of satisfied customers and for this different industries are coming up with the innovative ideas using technology which can boost their credibility and improve the experience of users.  When technology comes into play, the possibilities are endless. One such possibility is with the use of 360-Degree content.

Recently, we used this idea and deployed “Dubai 360 Degree Experience Zone” at two events for our client DTCM – First at ATM Exhibition in Dubai and Second at IMEX Show in Frankfurt, Germany. They wanted a tech installation which can allow a person to navigate through the city using the recorded 360 videos and it should work without using VR HMD headsets.

Implementation of Idea

We developed an application with custom video player to play these pre-recorded 360-degree videos on a standard display unit. The application was able to take input from flight simulator joystick. This input was taken by video player and translated into navigation. It was made sure that all this process was completed in milliseconds, without any noticeable delay. All these 360 Degree videos were displayed on a 4k display which was in the matrix of 1 by 2 in side by side configuration.

We also developed analytics modules which consisted of a custom dashboard for remote analytics access in form of graphs, images and textual data as per the client’s requirements. This module covered the crucial audience touch points on real time base such as a number of audiences engaged, time spent on each video and most watched video.


Multitudinous Benefits

With our deployment of piecing together a 360-degree view for the customer to experience, it provided an exciting new dimension for the regular information. The audience was able to connect better and praised the experience they got. This opens a new way for companies to develop and deploy such new exciting ways for their customers.  As the time will go, these types of installations will be a common sight. But, the success of the format depends entirely on how immersive the experience is for a viewer. Brands looking to bring an experiential factor to their campaigns, brands in the business of travel and tourism or entertainment industry, or any brand which wants to bring alive the experience for their audience, it can be easily achieved with 360-Degree Video Experience.