A Guide to Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options

More than a billion people log in Facebook every day. What does this mean from the perspective of marketing and advertising?  It means that Facebook has ample amount of data on its hands waiting to be used. This data has been accumulated over the years where Facebook has kept an eye out on what you are liking, what you are sharing, what you are commenting about and what updates you are putting on the timeline. All this information when combined with the details you filled for making profile – name, age, location, relationship, and occupation created a grand pool of information, greatest audience insights tool ever made. So each time you like a picture on Facebook, you are adding personal data which helps advertisers deliver more targeted ads to Facebook.

While organic reach is shrinking, Facebook has a staggering number of options to ensure your target audience sees your content. Basic demographic targeting will show your Facebook ads based on things collected information. But then you can add in interests and behaviours so you can make sure you reach the people who are more likely to be interested in the product or service you’re selling.

Want to know how to efficiently target your audience? the first step is to understand your target audience to focus specified ads to specific audience segment. When combined with available options for targeting with Facebook, you can expect a very good response and reach. The following infographic made by Wordstream showcases some of the possibilities in interests targetable on Facebook via advertisements. Though it covers many options, possibilities are almost endless.

facebook ad info