Seven Beneficial Reasons for using “Facebook Live” for Business

For the purpose of social media marketing, different forms of content such as text, images, video, and live streaming have a varied effect on the audience engagement. Nonetheless, the motive of brands is to expeditiously engage their audience in the most effective manner. For the same purpose, many brands have adopted Facebook Live streaming as a social media marketing strategy.

However, the question to ask is how useful live streaming services can be for your business? In the year 2016, applications used for instant content creation such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live has played a major role in effectively reaching out to the audience. Considering the effectiveness of video content and the behaviour of social media users, it is believed that the use of Facebook live stream feature can be extremely advantageous for businesses. Here is how.

1)      Way to Generate Unique Content

The concept of streaming live videos is one of the unique ideas of generating marketing content. Worldwide, the use of Facebook Live stream is allowing various brands to create and publish interactive and innovative marketing content in real time. Thus, including a live stream session in your content calendar enables your brand to interact with the audience in the most credible way.

 The content generated through live streams is unique due to its promptness. It also allows the brand a chance to gather real time feedbacks from the audience. However, the readiness of the content strategy should coexist with a well-designed content. The objective of the stream should be vivid and must be clearly conveyed to the audience.

2)      Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Generating effective visual content can greatly affect your budget. However, it is not the case with live streaming videos. Facebook live streams are all about real time updates. Creating a live stream doesn’t require a cordial setup, a professional camera, or impressive editing skills. Everything that is required for an impactful live stream video is adequate content.

3)      Immediate Audience Engagement

Facebook live streaming has a user-friendly approach. As soon as the stream begins, you can connect with your audience immediately. Moreover, interactive content such as a Q&A session is the most appropriate content to be shared through live streams. It allows the brand to develop a strong connect and understanding with the audience by way of a two-way communication. Nonetheless, a real-time interaction with the customer also enhances brand recognition among the audience.

4)      Drives Higher Traffic to the Facebook Page

Publishing a live stream video is undoubtedly an effective way of attracting customers. Researchers suggest that the Video Play icon is far more effective than a poster or a written blog; to gather people’s consideration. Thus, once a customer views a conceptually designed live stream, they get to know about the brand. Eventually, they are tending to get further information. This way, a Facebook live stream drives higher traffic to the brand’s Facebook page.


5)      Brand Activations Around Product Release

The Facebook live streaming feature can be accurately used by brands at the times of product releases. Since live streams are prompt and interactive, using them for hyping product releases, by displaying a sense of excitement is an appropriate way to attract the audience towards the brand. Because of the impulsive nature of the content, the audience remains glued to unveil the news. Also, if it is done accurately; the audience is most likely to visit back in order to gather further updates.

6)      Hikes Awareness for Events

Facebook Live video can be a great mode of communication to create hype over social media about your events. Unlikely of other modes of event promotions – mainly crafted videos, advertisements, and posters- Facebook live stream is a far more interactive medium. An instantaneous and creative live stream is the most effective way to convey the information about the event and get the audience on board.

Its effectiveness is based on two factors. First, communicating a message through a live video makes the audience feels more connected to the brand and its purpose. Secondly, a live stream eradicates numerous blockings that occur while conveying a message through videos or sponsored advertisement. Thus, through a Facebook live stream, you can easily and persuasively address the upcoming events.

7)      Real -Time Feedbacks and Outreach Analysis

The utmost benefit of using Facebook live is that you can view an analysis of the audience engagement in real-time. The Facebook live stream is the most appropriate way to examine the effectiveness of a piece of content.  Over Facebook live videos you can easily track the engagement with the help of recorded metrics that include the number of likes and other specific reactions, the number of shares, Tags, and Comments. Nevertheless, you can also see an overview of the engagement through Facebook insights immediately as the video ends.


Henceforth, it is evident that adopting Facebook live streaming and other similar live streaming services can be immensely advantageous for brands. We at can help you avail various live streaming services such as Facebook live streaming, to cater effective outcomes for your social media marketing campaigns.