Exploring the Power of Mobile Feed Creativity for Social Media

A mobile is a communication device by large, but parallel to this, don’t we also assume the limited power it grants a brand for advertising and marketing needs? Escape from the limitations that float around you when you come to think of mobile advertising for your brand. With boundless creativity in mobile phones, advertise your brand story, brand product and services seamlessly with digital media marketing with mobile creativity exploration.

Here’s an interpretation of the larger and substance filled side of the mobile phone you use, the power in your hand at your fingertips every day, yet explored like never before –

Research illustrates that consumption of web feeds of digital marketing content is tremendously frequent and fast on mobile phones than on a desktop or a tablet, 1.7 seconds in contrast to 2.5 seconds respectively.

Facts say that human attention span is merely 8 seconds. Convince the viewer in 8 seconds and under or suffer the loss of a potential customer.

With the expansion of cameras on mobile phones, using photos and videos to communicate has never been this sterling. Visuals grasp attention, affect and enhance emotions and have the power to alter the perception of the viewer. We’re evolving to be visual first and readers later.

When these brands swore by creativity and nothing less –

The brand OREO is a crackerjack at its visual advertising tactics on Instagram. What a tasteful approach to digital media advertising if I may say so. Their prime product, the OREO biscuits have been portrayed deliciously. The brand is making complete use of their twist-lick-dunk biscuits for brilliant picturesque advertising.

Giving words a run for their worth –

Another inventive advertising on Instagram is by Kibon, a Brazilian-Argentine ice-cream manufacturer. Bringing life to the everyday plot of ice cream eating by people, the brand has turned the ordinary ice-cream popsicles into fan blades. Furthermore, the conventional holding-the-ice-cream-with-our-hands is replaced with picking ice-cream dumplings with chopsticks!
Expert aesthetics, the Instagram feed of Kibon is dispensing salivation to people only leaving them to step out and buy a Kibon popsicle straightaway. Playful situations bringing out the finest creative graphics for the brand – take a bow Kibon. Take a bow!

Search for the appropriate creative branding knacks to boost the prosperity of your brand. With millions using their smartphones to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any given social media platform, employ creativity to maximal to effectively reach out to them.

Here are a quick few pointers brands and business must manoeuvre over for crisp marketing that creates a lasting impact.

• Play wit the attention of the viewer. As mentioned before, you’ve got 8 seconds. Make judicious use of them.

Resize the space for image/video aspect ratio to a square shape to boost the visibility in feed environment on Facebook for example.

Add ‘supers’ to clearly pass the message of the video or the picture sans the sound feature. Try to keep the video on a ‘sound off’ mode. People expect to begin the video in a ‘sound off’ mode and then opt into ‘sound on’ if it’s the right moment/surrounding for them. For dialogue-heavy requirements, subtitles are a great way to ensure every word spoken shows up on the screen.

• Begin videos with fascinating and essential information about the brand. Let the viewer not walk out midway of watching the video. Capture their attention with stunning visuals, chromatic backgrounds or creating visual illusions. Employ a meaningful thumbnail. The viewer must be convinced that he is bound to find a solution in the video.

• Experimenting creates inventive data. Capture attention with creative ways like Facebook Canvas – neoteric, untried and a creative conglomeration of 360-degree spherical video vibe. 3D videos and pictures grab viewer attention. Visual illusions work in your favour for they tempt viewers into watching your commercial for the mere joy of 3D.
Play with the ‘time’ feature. Posting advertisements and targeting your audience on social platforms at the rightful hour is a must I urge. Mistimed posts may not invite large viewers or may go unnoticed by the target audience altogether.

Sharing an associated illustration –

For people who find it difficult to sleep at night, advertisements for a sleeping pill must be chosen to be advertised at a particular time of the day to grab maximum viewer attention by the target audience.

– They can be targeted during the day when they could step out and buy the product to be taken at night.

– A Sunday afternoon is a nice pick to display the advertisement as it’s hard to sleep when you’re thinking about work next day.

– The advertisement can be displayed between 01:00 am – 03:00 am, the time when they should be actually sleeping but they’re awake.


Sequencing and posting to the social media platforms are another innovative way to grab audience attention and have them hooked. Leave the viewer in a state of wanting-to-know-more in the next post you make.

Introduce the brand identity right when the video begins. People will be pleased about watching the key message/product as soon as the video commences. Also, chances are the viewer may not be intrigued enough to go on watching the video till the end. Attention is only a gift. Use it quickly but wisely.

• Do not indulge into long videos. Having said this I also strongly recommend that if your brand requires a certain amount of time to unmask the product/service at a slow pace, then go ahead and do not hesitate. Keep videos with just the right amount of crunchy data the viewer wishes to binge on.

Summing it all up – watch your commercial for if it is capable of buying attention in the first few seconds. Does the key message debut without sound? Is the story clearly visible on a smartphone? Hold the mobile phone vertically and watch the commercial. Evaluate your creative commercial on all these before you are ready to plunge into digital media marketing publicly.