How crafting Interesting Content on Instagram is making Brands stand out!

More than 300 Million Monthly Active Users, 75 Million daily active users and 70 Millions of photos being uploaded daily says something, doesn’t it? Back in 2010, nobody would have thought that Instagram would become a huge entity within such short span of time. A small idea which took origin five years ago grew into a humongous social phenomenon where people are actively sharing their pictorial moments with the world. Started as an iPhone-only application, it got a welcome boost of the users when it expanded to other operating systems like Android. Since then, Instagram has been one of the favourite applications for networking among millions of people.

From small time business set ups to multinational brands, Instagram has become one-stop for branding and promotion market. A strong opportunity to connect with huge amount potential consumers was in front of the brands if they can figure out how to efficiently monetize this fast-growing social network. Some of the brands have started exploring this territory with innovative ideas which has caught the attention of their socially active audience and brought ample of opportunities to make direct connections with new people helping them turn those ideas into profitable endeavours. Unlike it competitor social tools, it provides an easy way telling a visual brand story to more and more people without getting bounded by any restrictions.

We came across several of the Indian brands on Instagram which are using this visual pedestal quite brilliantly. These brands thrived to do something different and they achieved it as well with the help of the engaged and creative community.’s – Look Up

housing housing1

The brand connected itself and all its campaign elements to lively and energetic palettes with ‘new mission’ embodying Housing as positive, merry, amusement changing and uncompromising. Individuals over the globe were very fascinated by this ninety degree ‘Look Upward’ approach and it wasn’t much sooner than it transformed into a famous #lookupmoments campaign with people posting photos of the image, wherever spotted, making it one of the top brands in Instagram.

King Fisher’s – Good Times

king kinggrid

The ‘King of Good Times’ uses Instagram to tell ‘Good Times’ stories of real world events & experiences with the product playing an integral part of the story.


chumbak2 chumbak

People make it a propensity for displaying their new Chumbak purchases on Instagram. They anticipate its posts on Hugo, the Chumbak Dog. The brand guarantees its item pictures which make an eccentric impression, are less meddlesome and trigger engagement. This photo for Yoga Day highlights Hugo accepting training from Yogi Baba, one of Chumbak’s most adored bobblehead.

Brands like these offer us a good look on how to use this social network resourcefully and grow their brand with best ethics. It has proved that it’s a great visual storytelling tool with the assortment of a consistent quality content on the network helping a brand build a story and affianced group of Instagramers.

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