Deploying Self-Assist Knowledge Booth At World Food India ’17

World Food India ‘17 was a 3-day event which provided the food industry of India an opportunity to connect, collaborate and share the culinary expertise. Apart from the business prospect where companies put their stalls and shared their products and services, there were food lovers from all over the country. They gathered on the venue to taste the exotic delicacies from across the various regions and experience the gastronomic exuberance.

It was a place where there was a chance of great exposure for brands and companies in this sector to connect with each other and most importantly, with their audience. This is why we proposed our client ‘Cargill’ with a digital and interactive way of knowledge sharing about their company and services. For this, we deployed a self-assist knowledge booth.

It got the good attention of the people present on the venue and they appreciated this interesting concept of acquiring information using the interactive digital information from the booth. It also helped in the marketing of the brand, gaining positive inference for the brand, and increasing the reach among the audience and potential customers.


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