Digital Activations at INK Conference ‘17

INK’s “Road to GES” conference was an immersive 3-day event which comprised of engaging sessions with visionaries like CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and others from diverse walks of live talking about their vision and perspective. For this event, we provided two services under our digital mandate – private live streaming and social wall.

Live Streaming

All the sessions happening at the event were live streamed on the YouTube which helped the audience from all over the world experience the event live from their location. We also added ‘ticker’ of speaker names to the streaming video. Also, we embedded the live stream on their website which made it easy to direct the audience to their website.INKSocial Wall

We deployed a social wall which was displayed on the main stage. It provided a seamless engaging experience for the attendees as well as non-attendees via social feeds from Facebook and Twitter. The content which was posted by people on these social media networks was fetched and streamlined on the backend and presented as a mega feed in the form of the social wall.