Your Guide To A Successful Brand Activation Strategy

Experiential Activations

To make your brand trend, a successful brand campaign is a must. A boring marketing campaign falls flat on the face, without engaging any audience. To make a buzz with a marketing campaign or to promote a brand or for branding, brand activation solutions and digital activations are used by agencies to make their brand success by marking its presence.

Social media has taken a troll in the current era, and marketers are using it for their brand activation strategies. Digital activations help in leveraging brands and expand its reach by maximizing its audience. 

A brand activation strategy can help any brand to make or break its position in the market. To build awareness for your brand and promote its growth, brand activation strategy will take you a notch higher.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand Activation Strategy

As a brand is launched it is unknown to people and has no life. The process of activating your brand while making people aware of your brand presence and engaging them with some brand experience is termed as brand activation.

Brand activation solutions are not just restricted to new brands. If any brand wants to rebrand its image, they can opt for brand activation agency to plan its brand activation strategies, that will switch people’s mind over the brand.

Brand activation solutions bring life to a brand and engage consumers actively with the brand.

Brand activations can be done in different forms. Have a look at some of the most popular types of brand activations that will help any brand to mark its presence with the desired brand image.

Types of Brand Activations

#1 – Experiential Marketing

As per the latest trend, experiential marketing solutions has become increasingly prevalent in the last few years. It is one of the most successful below the line activities.

Experiential technology, for brand activations, has been the first choice of marketers in the current era. It makes your brand powerful and unique, thereby reaching a large percentage of the audience. It helps in making your advertising campaign powerful so that it stays in the mind of your audience.

#2 – Digital Marketing Campaigns

It’s 2019, an era of digitalization. The best way to trend your marketing campaign is through digitalization. Digital activations play a significant role in reaching target audiences without any geographical boundaries. The Internet is flooded with various social media platforms. Advertising on digital media and planning digital marketing campaigns engage more audience with ease, thereby giving exposure to your brand and expanding its reach.

#3 – Sampling Campaigns

Sampling campaigns is one of the traditional and effective brand activation strategies. It allows the customer to feel the product and get an insight into the product. Giving free samples of a new product is a great way to introduce people to your brand or newly launched product, later resulting in sales. 

Sampling allows brands to reach their target customers easily by distributing free samples and gather feedback from customers. 

 #4 – In-Store Brand Activation 

The in-store brand activation strategy helps in leveraging a brand. It allows the customer to touch and interact with the brand. A display of newly launched products in a store or mall catches people’s sight quite easily. This brand activation strategy is undertaken during the sale seasons and weekends as the footfall is generally on the rise on these occasions. It offers customers an opportunity to test a product and gather all the information on the product to make a purchase decision.

#5 – Promotions

 Promoting your brand by giving certain offers or discounts is an effective way to make your brand popular. This brand activation strategy attracts a large number of people thereby increasing the reach of a brand.

#6 – Social Media Contests

In this era of digitalization, digital activations play a great role in engaging a larger audience base. A survey reports that more than 2 billion users are actively present on social media. Social media contests, polls, quizzes, etc. are some of the most exciting brand activation solutions that engage the audience with the brand, while building a customer-brand relationship.

Let’s have a look at the successful brand activation strategy planned by Webcontxt Interactive Tech.

Successful Brand Activation Strategy Planned By WCIT

Volkswagen Campaign

Brand Activation

 Finest automobile brand, Volkswagen launched its two new cars in the Middle East, the Teramont and the Touareg.

The brand is well known and is popular in masses, but brand activation and marketing efforts are needed from time to time. Volkswagen wanted a perfect brand activation solution that resonated with the concept of their media campaigns and made a buzz. Webcontxt, with its innovative digital and technological solutions, offers a perfect and innovative brand activation solution to leverage the brand even more.


The team planned and executed some fun brand activations for the audiences attending the roadshows in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. 

During an event, people can get clicked with the new Touareg. GIFs and boomerangs of people posing with the cars are part of an event, which is being captured by 16 android phone cameras placed in a semi-circular arc. 

The videos are later given to the people who participated in it. It was done in relation to ongoing television commercials. As for the new Teramont, the team created a digital jigsaw puzzle for people of all ages to enjoy.

Both the brand activation strategies worked well in engaging large masses of audiences. Read here the full case study.

Whereas the interactive tech was a big hit at the shows. The creative approach towards Volkswagen’s marketing needs worked well without any hassles, making the activities fun and engaging.

It is necessary to make the right impact on your audience so that the brand stays in their mind. Evoking an element of fun in your brand activations engages customers with your brand while making your brand marketing campaign success. Ensure the best brand activation solutions to make your brand trend.