Engaging Audience At EY’s Annual Partner’s Meet & Director’s Meet

These were the engaging digital activations deployed by us at EY’s Annual Partner’s Meet and Director’s Meet.

Magic Mirror

The client wanted an interactive digital solution which can engage the audience present on site. We accomplished this with “Magic Mirror” setup on the location where people could get their photo clicked, get complimented and share the picture on Facebook or Email.


Gif Booth
Another engaging activity which we did for the client was putting Gif booth at the event location. People standing in front of it got clicked and a looping 2 seconds GIF was created which captured people’s unique photo experience at this premier event.


Hologram Fan
We also deployed a cutting-edge modern device called Hologram LED Fan which showed the holographic logo of “EY – APM 2017” floating free in the air. It acted as an attractive medium which captured audience’s attention.