Top 5 Famous Persons who would look different without beards – #Movember Special

It’s high time we all get on the same page regarding Men’s Health Awareness campaigns. Whether it is No Shave November or Movember, these campaigns aim at changing the face of men’s health…quite literally. Movember or No shave November, it marks every November where men grow out their moustaches in an effort to create awareness regarding prostate cancer and other health issues faced by men. What previous Movembers has shown us is that not all men look good without full beards, the same way some women cannot do justice to certain hairstyles. In that light, here are some of the famous persons with and without beards to show you how well they pull off that bearded look we all like to see, without which something seems amiss.

1) Whether be it tasty “Kuch Khas hai” delight of Cadbury or Polio’s “Do Boond Zindagi Ke”, you are well aware of these memorable ad campaigns, and the person behind them – Mr. Piyush Pandey – rocks that moustache look.
2) The never-aging Jhakkas hero, Mr. Anil Kapoor. That iconic beard and moustache suits him well, doesn’t it?

3) Youngest chief minister, our Muffler Man, Mr. Kejriwal looking even younger without his moustache. But let’s be honest, we have become habitual of his stache look.

4) The great all-rounder captain of India, Mr. Kapil Dev himself. We all love him in his moustached look.

5) The nation said along “Abki baar Modi Sarkar” with him. We must all agree on the fact that amazing look of our stylish prime minister is incomplete without his beard. Right?

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