Introducing Cashless Solutions at ZEE JLF ’18 – A Change Towards Digitalisation

A festival that requires no theatrical introduction-
Recognised as the ‘Greatest Literary Show on Earth’ & the ‘Kumbh of Literature’, the ZEE JLF 2018 was coordinated with cashless environment solutions in association with Eventbot.

Experiencing a massive footfall each year along with countless transactions for ticketing, literature merchandise, F&B & more, this year the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival made a breakthrough with cashless environment solutions that empowered festival guests & organisers with robust digitalized solutions.

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Setting Up Cashless Environment at ZEE JLF ’18

Our team facilitated seamless digital transactions that enabled rapid payments & receipts at the festival booths inside the Diggi Palace Hotel for the literature festival. Cashless environment solutions proved to be beneficial for the literature festival in numerous ways.

To familiarise you with cashless solutions management, these cards are prepaid & require a simple top-up recharge for functioning. These cards & devices accelerated the process of making & receiving payments significantly thus speeding the whole transaction process. This resultantly led to a decline in long payment queues.

Cash leakages that were earlier occurring due to manual cash handling were reduced remarkably. Digital payment solutions led to absolute transparency in cashflow & reconciliation during & after the event.

The leading benefit with Eventbot’s cashless solutions was the devices that worked excellently on NFC technology & 2G data support. This way a transaction was not hampered by unstable network services.


The cashless environment solutions gave ease to festival guests to enjoy the festival experience & its sessions. It minimized the time a guest spent on making payments at festival booths repeatedly. A simple swipe of the cashless card against the cashless device was required to complete a transaction. Digital payment solutions by Eventbot proved to be a sterling step forward towards Digital India.